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You need a partner who knows the neighborhoods, the market and the process. Who can advise you when to think on it, sleep on it or go all in on it. Because this is about much more than bricks and sticks. This is about your future home. And you don't want to live with it. You want to love it.

您需要一個了解社區、市場和購屋流程的合作夥伴。 您夢寐以求的房子能讓您自在的居住在裡面,享受每個歡樂時光並且深深愛上它。

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Your home is likely your largest investment. As a professional real estate agent, my goal is to make sure you get the best possible price in the shortest amount of time. Showing an appealing, uncluttered home that stands out is a must, as is highlighting key features of your home.

您的房屋可能是您最大的投資。作為一名專業的房地產經紀人,我的目標是確保您在最短的時間內獲得最優異的價格。 展示一個引人注目的、整齊清潔的家是必須的,把您的房屋優點發揮最大效益。



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Work With Cathy

嗨,我是Cathy Chen,來自台灣,我能說普通話、台語和英語,將不同的文化和全球經驗完美融合在我的房地產工作中。



選擇我,Cathy Chen,作為您的房地產專家,讓我們一起實現您的夢想家園。



Cathy did an outstanding Job helping us find our dream home in Hawaii! It’s such a unique experience searching for house in Hawaii and Cathy was there every step of the way with us. I cannot recommend her enough to all my friends and family and anyone who in need of an amazing agent.


~ Belle Chen ~

I’ve had seven or eight realtors in my life. Without a doubt, Cathy Chen was the absolute best. She anticipated all my needs, especially when she knew I preferred printed documents as opposed to emails. Cathy was so organized and pleasant that she made the entire buying process fun. She looked out for my needs at all times. When I was looking at properties, she let me think about each one without ever putting any pressure on me. Cathy cares more about the client’s needs and views the real estate process as customer service rather than a business. She’s totally dedicated to her profession. I highly recommend Cathy Chen to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.


~ S. C. ~

Find Out Your House Value

We have the strongest team to assist you in finding out your house value, we also could add the value to your property after you decide to sell it.


CB Estimate

Get an Instant Estimate on Your Home*

Learn your home’s value so you can tackle the real estate market with confidence.


*This is an estimate only and is not an appraisal. The CB Estimate provides an estimated market value of your home generated by a proprietary algorithm using aggregated data collected from third parties and public records and is intended to provide you with a general value of the property. The actual appraised value of any property may be higher or lower than the estimated market value provided by the CB Estimate.

*這只是估計,不是鑑價師評估。 CB Estimate℠ 提供由專有算法使用從第三方和公共記錄收集的匯總數據生成的房屋估計市場價值,旨在為您提供財產的一般價值。 任何財產的實際評估價值可能高於或低於 CB Estimate℠ 提供的估計市場價值。

Seller's Assurance Program

Discover the revolutionary new program that gives sellers powerful new options, boosts sales prices, and helps you make the move that’s right for you.



We’ll cover the upfront costs of renovating, refreshing and staging your home, which can make a huge difference in getting a great sales price. You won’t owe us a penny until your home is sold*.

*Seller must pay for work upon earliest of closing, listing no longer being in effect or 12 months after completion.


When you start the selling process, we’ll give you a competitive cash offer on your home. You can look for your next place with confidence, and still accept higher offers from buyers.

Buyer Connections

I use industry-leading programs like CBx Buyer Locator to link you with great offers.

Buyer Modules

Mortgage Services

I am your partner in all aspects of the home-buying process. The Coldwell Banker® brand’s affiliations with trusted primary service providers ensure that you receive complete assistance from beginning to end. We have connections with mortgage companies across the country, featuring incredibly low rates, fantastic customer service and a fast, simple process.

在購房過程的各個方面,我都是您的合作夥伴。 Coldwell Banker® 品牌與值得信賴的主要服務提供商的合作關係確保您從頭到尾都能獲得全面的幫助。 我們與全國各地的抵押貸款公司建立了聯繫,具有令人難以置信的低利率、出色的客戶服務和快速、簡單的流程。

RealSure® Program

In collaboration with Home Partners of America, the RealSure program from the Coldwell Banker® brand gives you a guaranteed Cash Offer on your for-sale home*, so you can move forward with confidence.

  • Get a Cash Offer now from RealSure – good for 45 days.
  • I’ll continue to market your home for an even higher offer.
  • You can accept or decline the RealSure Cash Offer within 45 days. If you decide to decline it, there are no fees or obligations.

Ask me how the RealSure program can help you move on to your dream home.


Coldwell Banker® 品牌的 RealSure 計劃與 Home Partners of America 合作,為您的待售房屋提供有保證的現金優惠*,讓您充滿信心地前進。

  • 立即從 RealSure 獲得現金優惠——有效期為 45 天。
  • 我會繼續推銷你的房子以獲得更高的報價。
  • 您可以在 45 天內接受或拒絕 RealSure Cash 優惠。 如果您決定拒絕,則無需支付任何費用或義務。

詢問我 RealSure 計劃如何幫助您進入夢想家園。


Exclusive Look

This marketing platform allows me to view listings within the Coldwell Banker® network in three ways: CB Exclusives, Sneak Peeks and Wants & Needs.

這個市場營運平台允許我以三種方式查看 Coldwell Banker® 網絡中的列表:CB Exclusives、Sneak Peeks 和 Wants & Needs。


CB Exclusives

Enables me to explore listings within our brokerage for a specific period of time, before they even hit the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or are marketed to anyone outside of my brokerage’s agents and our clients.

使我能夠在特定時間段內搜尋我們經紀公司中的列表,甚至在它們進入 (MLS) 或向我的經紀代理和我們的客戶之外的任何人推銷之前。


Sneak Peeks

Allows me to view Sneak Peek listings from participating Coldwell Banker agents across the country for one business day before the listings are submitted to the MLS and publicly marketed, allowing advance notice from a powerful network of agents who are actively posting new listings.

允許我在代理上市列表被發布在 MLS 並公開銷售的一個工作日前,查看全國範圍內參與 Coldwell Banker 的Sneak Peek 列表,從而獲得來自積極發布新上市列表的強大代理網的提前通知。


Wants & Needs

Allows me to promote your wants and needs via a daily or weekly digest within our national network of participating agents across the country, bringing more potential matches to your attention quickly.


Seller Modules

Online Showing Report

I am here to guide you every step of the way in the selling process – making sure you know what to expect and answering any questions you may have.

You’ll know my comprehensive internet marketing strategy is working when you see the Insight online showing report. It shows you how many views or click-throughs your property received on major real estate websites like,,®, Trulia and more. This tells you that your home is presented and priced to grab buyers’ attention.

我在這裡指導您銷售過程中的每一步——確保您知道會發生什麼並回答您可能遇到的任何問題。 當您看到 Insight 在線展示報告時,您就會知道我的綜合網絡營銷策略正在發揮作用。 它顯示您的房產在主要房地產網站(如、、®、Trulia 等)上獲得的瀏覽量或點擊量。 這告訴您,您的房屋的展示和定價是為了吸引買家的注意力。





Buyer Targeting
For your home’s marketing to be effective, it needs to reach the right audience. CBx, an innovative tool developed exclusively for the Coldwell Banker® network, uses predictive data to analyze your local market, neighborhood and more. CBx presents a buyer matching score and profile of the most likely buyer for your home and where these buyers currently live, so I can focus my marketing on reaching them.

為了使您的房產銷售有效,它需要吸引合適的受眾。 CBx 是專為 Coldwell Banker® 網絡開發的創新工具,它使用預測數據來分析您當地的市場、鄰近社區等。 CBx 提供買家匹配分數和最有可能買家的個人資料以及這些買家目前居住的地方,因此我可以將營銷重點放在吸引他們上。

Key CBx Data Includes

  • Most Frequent Online Activity
  • Most Visited Websites
  • Top Media Types
  • Median Age
  • Average Education Level
  • Homes With Children
  • Average Family Size
  • Median Commute Time
  • Average Household Income
  • Increase In Residents’ Income

Spotlight Marketing Program

Marketing Your Home
In today’s competitive real estate market, the key to success is differentiation – doing common things in an uncommon way. In fact, differentiation from the competition has become the cornerstone of outstanding real estate service.

I am proud to deliver exceptional property marketing that is designed to attract attention, showcase your property’s distinctive qualities and help your home sell quickly and for the best price.

在當今競爭激烈的房地產市場中,成功的關鍵是差異化——以超乎尋常的方式做同質性的事情。 事實上,差異化競爭已經成為卓越地產服務的基石。


Print Marketing

Our comprehensive plan includes professionally printed mailers, full-color property brochures and so much more. From concept to completion, your property will be uniquely cared for and expertly marketed.

我們的綜合計劃包括專業印刷的郵件、全彩房產手冊等等。 從概念到完成,您的房產將得到獨特的照顧和專業的銷售。

Digital Marketing

Virtual marketing, the most strategic means of targeting buyers in this environment, gets results quickly and broadens our reach.


Unique Strategy

Our exclusive property spotlight marketing plan offers results that other brokerages simply can’t match – helping you net more on the sale of your house*.


*Based on Coldwell Banker property spotlight marketing plan usage data reported through May 31, 2020: On average, sellers whose agents use the plan benefit with a 1% higher sales price.

*基於截至 2020 年 5 月 31 日報告的 Coldwell Banker 房地產聚焦營銷計劃使用數據:平均而言,代理人使用該計劃的賣家會以高出 1% 的銷售價格受益。

Exclusive Look

This exclusive network marketing platform allows me to share listings within the Coldwell Banker® network in three ways: Brokerage Exclusives, Sneak Peeks and Wants & Needs.

這個獨家的網絡營銷平台讓我可以通過三種方式在 Coldwell Banker® 網絡中分享列表:經紀獨家、先睹為快和想要與需求。


Brokerage Exclusives

Enables me to exclusively share listings within my brokerage for a specific period of time with your consent. With Brokerage Exclusives you can receive pre-market exposure for your listing with an extended network of in-house Coldwell Banker agents prior to the MLS or public marketing.

使我能夠在您同意的情況下在特定時間段內獨家分享我的經紀公司內的上市列表。 通過 Brokerage Exclusives,您可以在 MLS 或公開營銷之前通過內部 Coldwell Banker 代理的延伸網絡獲得上市前的曝光率。

Sneak Peeks

Allows me to share Sneak Peek listings with participating Coldwell Banker agents across the country for one business day before the listing is submitted to the MLS and publicly marketed, allowing advanced marketing to a powerful network of agents that are actively waiting for new listings.

在列表提交給 MLS 並公開營銷之前,允許我在全國范圍內與參與的 Coldwell Banker 代理分享先睹為快的列表,從而允許對正在積極等待新上市列表的強大代理網絡進行優先營銷。



Wants & Needs

Allows me to promote buyers’ wants and needs within our national network to participating agents across the country, bringing more potential buyers to your home.


RealSure® Program

The RealSure program empowers you to make confident choices when selling your home and provides flexibility for when you buy a new one. It is designed to give you greater assurance and control.

In collaboration with Home Partners of America, the program includes RealSure Sell*, which gives you a guaranteed cash offer for your home while I continue to market it for a higher price. And RealSure Buy*, which lets you place a bid on a new home, even if your current home hasn’t sold yet.

RealSure Sell provides:

  • Flexibility to get the best price
  • Ability to receive an even higher offer


RealSure 計劃使您能夠在出售房屋時做出自信的選擇,並為您購買新房屋提供靈活性。 它旨在為您提供更大的保證和控制。

與 Home Partners of America 合作,該計劃包括 RealSure Sell*,它為您的房屋提供有保證的現金報價,同時我繼續以更高的價格推銷它。 還有 RealSure Buy*,即使您當前的房屋尚未售出,您也可以對新房屋進行投標。

RealSure Sell provides:

  • 獲得最優異價格的靈活性
  • 獲得更多投標書

RealSure Buy provides:

  • Home Value Statement allows you to make an offer on your next home as if your current home is already sold by removing any sales contingency
  • Take comfort in knowing your home will sell even if a third-party buyer drops out
  • Flex Stay offers you up to four weeks to remain in your home after selling to RealSure while preparing to move to your next home


  • 房屋價值聲明允許您通過消除任何銷售意外情況,就好像您當前的房屋已經售出一樣,可對您的下一個房屋進行報價
  • 即使第三方買家退出,您也可以放心地知道您的房屋會出售
  • 出售給 RealSure 後,Flex Stay 可為您提供長達 4 週的居家停留時間,同時準備搬到您的下一個家
Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 3.45.39 PM

RealVitalize® Program

When you list your home with me, I can help you make the needed improvements and repairs to prep your home for sale at no cost to you until closing, using the RealVitalize program. There are no hidden fees, interest charges or markups. Most homes using the program sell at or above list price*.

當您與我簽署銷售合同銷售您的房屋時,我可以使用 RealVitalize 計劃幫助您進行必要的改進和維修,以便在結案關閉之前免費為您出售房屋做準備。 沒有隱藏費用、利息費用或加價。 大多數使用該計劃的房屋都以標價或以上價格出售*。

Services Available:

  • Staging
  • Appliance Purchasing & Installation
  • Cleaning
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades
  • Handyman Services
  • Curb Appeal Enhancements
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Carpentry
  • Drywall & Insulation
  • Landscaping
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Moving & Storage
  • Junk Hauling
  • Much more

*Based on Coldwell Banker property spotlight marketing plan usage data reported through May 31, 2020: On average, sellers whose agents use the plan benefit with a 1% higher sales price.

*基於截至 2020 年 5 月 31 日報告的 Coldwell Banker 房地產聚焦營銷計劃使用數據:平均而言,代理人使用該計劃的賣家會以高出 1% 的銷售價格受益。